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I focus on results. When managing a client campaign, my goal is to help a client increase leads, sales and conversions while reducing cost for irrelevant clicks and non-converting keywords.

In simplistic form, do more of what works and less of what is not working. But of course, none of this is simplistic. Using AdWords best practices, and focusing on what works best, including implementing advanced features, I’m able to help clients get better results while saving them time and resources.

While I don’t sell a “business in a box” concept, the results I achieve for my PPC management clients is impressive. Consistently I see clients improving key metrics such as CTR (click thru rate) and conversions, while improving quality scores and reducing irrelevant costs.

Here are a few actual examples (Names and some details have been change to protect client confidentiality. Please note that each example is unique and I do NOT guarantee similar results for your PPC campaign.

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